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From prison to family life – Cormac’s story

I have a drink and drug problem. I started at 12 years old with LSD and magic mushrooms; E...

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How to prevent addiction damaging your relationship

Addiction takes control and can destroy everything in someone’s life, including the relationships they have with friends, loved ones...

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Admitting an addiction to your employer

Admitting an addiction to your employer There are probably only two scenarios in which your boss doesn’t already suspect...

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How to prepare for Residential Treatment

After you’ve committed to going to an addiction treatment centre, it’s time to plan ahead – in order to be...

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New Year’s Resolution: An addiction-free 2019

For anyone struggling with an addiction, the end of the year is a difficult time. There are more temptations...

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Senator Frances Black launches ‘An Evaluation of Tabor Group’ Report

Press Release 13th December 2018           Senator Frances Black today launched “An Evaluation of Tabor Group” report at Trinity College...

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