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Tabor Group

Tabor Group is a leading provider of residential addiction treatment services in Ireland. Based in County Cork, Tabor Group provides residential & community-based addiction treatment programmes to men and women over 18 years of age, who are struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Tabor Group offers hope, healing and recovery to addicted people and their families through integrated and caring services at our Tabor Lodge and Tabor Fellowship Treatment Centres.

Our Services


Tabor Group offers Residential Treatment Programmes between 29 and 43 days in duration. This primary residential treatment programme consists of comprehensive assessment, individualised care planning, group therapy, counselling, addiction education, meditation, and nature walks. Read more.


Tabor Group offers a 12-week integrated treatment programme with two phases suited to both male and female clients with complex needs, poly/cross-addiction, history of previous treatment & relapse, deficits in coping, and living skills.

Phase 1 is designed to respond to the complex needs of clients and provides safety and stabilisation. Phase 2 of the programme supports clients to take on more personal responsibility while continuing to develop skills for managing addiction as well as everyday living skills. There is an option of a 3rd phase (Supported Living). Read more.


Tabor Group offers confidential One-to-One and Group Counselling Services for those whose recovery needs are more moderate and for whom residential treatment programmes are not necessary or possible at the time.

Tabor Group’s Group Counselling includes evening and weekend group sessions. The programme is 12-weeks in duration and clients are referred onwards to a 52-week continuing care programme.


Our Family Support Programme is designed to help concerned persons of the individual with substance use disorder. It has been our experience that when a family is affected by addiction, the entire family can benefit from support.

Our Family Support Programme includes education, one-to-one support, peer support groups, telephone support, intervention advice, and more. Our Family Support Programme is not just for the loved ones of individuals in treatment with Tabor Group, but support is also provided to good effect to families whose loved one opt not to take help with addiction treatment. Read more.


Tabor Group offers a Continuing Care Programme that provides on going treatment and support to clients that have completed residential treatment programmes and are learning to cope with the demands of day-to-day living.

We realise the support needed by clients in the early months of recovery after treatment is crucial to establishing an effective recovery from addiction. Our programme involves participation in a facilitated weekly group meeting & commitment to an individualised care plan over 12months, with an option to continue this for a second year of support. Read more.


Tabor Group offers a series of community-based education and training presentations to schools, clubs, and businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Our talks are tailored to suit the requirements of the individual business, school, or club and its’ attendees.

Each of our talks are designed to inform, educate, and help people to understand what addiction is and the supports that are available. In line with Government guidelines, these talks are now being delivered via Zoom.