Support & Services

Continuing Education

The treatment programme at Fellowship House features a range of support & services. This includes attendance at a CE Scheme Monday to Friday for 19.5 hours. Men will attend a FETAC Level 4 Health & Fitness programme that covers the following:

  • Health Related Fitness
  • Communications
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Food & Nutrition

After the 12-week course at Fellowship House has been completed, clients have the option of continuing the CE scheme at Northside Community Enterprises Ltd.

Independent Living

Fellowship House provides further support in the form of private accommodation for a limited number of residents at our house on Sarsfield Road, Cork. This facility is provided for men who want to continue their recovery in a community environment with some support and supervision from the team at Fellowship House, or who haven’t yet found suitable accommodation.

Lifelong Fellowship

Clients that have completed the Fellowship House programme report to us a sense of belonging and fellowship amongst each other. This is evident in the overwhelming attendance at the monthly gratitude meetings. All clients that have completed the programme are welcome to attend and many men will form close bonds here and find the additional support needed to continue with their healthy sobriety.

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