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Don’t wait to hit rock bottom – here’s why

When you think of ‘rock bottom’, what comes to mind?  What is rock bottom – and, more importantly,  are...

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St Patrick’s Day is torture for those living with an alcoholic

Loving someone who has an alcohol addiction is a constant strain and affects the entire family. Living with an...

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Gambling addiction – the irresistible lure of Cheltenham

Car windows smashed in temper, wild-eyed men on the edge of a big pay-out pacing the floor, and paranoid...

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Study shows dementia linked to alcohol abuse

Chronic heavy alcohol consumption is linked to an increased risk of dementia, a new medical study has revealed. Medical researchers...

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Codeine crisis – addicted to painkillers

Codeine craving – are you addicted to popping a pill? It’s a silent addiction and easy to hide –...

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Mummy wine jokes are no laughing matter

Is it wine o’clock yet?   They are all over social media – jokey memes telling stressed mums that...

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