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“New law on drug dealing will criminalise ‘vulnerable addicts'”

A new law will not combat drug dealing or gangland crime but will criminalise “vulnerable addicts”, it has been...

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Children of heavy drinkers ‘Suffer in Silence’

Many children whose parents are heavy drinkers grow up worrying about their siblings’ health and safety, while others report...

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Senator Lynn Ruane reveals how she turned her life around

The tattooed mum-of-two Senator Lynn Ruane has spoken out on controversial issues like abortion rights, prostitution, euthanasia and drug...

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Alcohol abuse still main addiction issue

ALCOHOL remains the top drug of choice for those attending Cork addiction treatment centre Tabor Lodge although increases in...

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Rise in female alcoholism

There is a steep rise in the number of Cork women undergoing treatment for addiction, specifically alcohol, according to...

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Alcohol remains Primary Drug of Choice

Alcohol remains the primary drug of choice for people seeking treatment at Tabor Group addiction services in Cork. A...

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