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Staying Loyal to your Sobriety

In recovery, it is not uncommon to hear people talk about staying “loyal” to their recovery or encouraging you...

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The man who quit heroin and became a fruit juice millionaire

Heroin Overdose for ninth time As Khalil Rafati overdosed on heroin for the ninth time the paramedics frantically tried...

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Symptoms and Signs of substance addiction

Symptoms and Signs of substance addiction, it is rare that non-addicts question themselves about their usage. It is usually...

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Alcohol or drugs were key factor in 80% of Cork suicide cases in study

Alcohol or drugs have been detected in eight out of 10 suicides examined in a study of 121 cases...

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Alcohol’s harm to others

Beyond the harmful serious health consequences, the use of alcohol brings significant social and economic losses to individuals and...

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Alcohol Bill – Alcohol problems cost €1 in €10 spent on healthcare

Alcohol Bill – Sir, It is notable the speed and ease with which legislation is proceeding through the Houses...

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