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Statement from Colette Kelleher, CEO Tabor Group

Citizen’s Assembly Recommendations on Drug Use Aligned with Tabor Group’s Vision for a Compassionate Approach. In response to the...

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The Influence of Alcohol on Women in the Workplace

Professional women often find themselves more inclined towards alcohol, with various reasons steering this trend. Initially perceived as a...

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How do I know if my loved one has a drinking problem?

Alcohol consumption has been a way of socialising for hundreds of years, but at the same time it has...

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Understanding the Impact of Alcohol on Our Bodies and Well-Being

Alcohol consumption has always been a part of our lives, often associated with celebrations and social gatherings. However, it’s...

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Men and the Stigma of Addiction

Tabor Group treat both Men and Women for substance use disorders to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Beating or controlling...

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Avoiding Summer Triggers

  With the Summer time almost upon us it’s important to highlight the challenges that come with it for...

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