Gambling industry regulator on the way

The gambling industry is to get an independent regulator under a proposed new law.

Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton briefed Cabinet and requested approval to draft a new version  of the Gambling Control Bill.

Gambling Control Bill

A proposed set of laws to deal with the issue have been gathering dust since 2013.

The Gambling Control Bill is a 90-page document covering numerous aspects around the sector, including the restrictions on advertising.

The 2013 Bill also recommended a regulator for the sector be established within the Department of Justice – however, this will now be amended.

Instead, it’s proposed that an independent statutory authority will be established to regulate the industry.

Gambling advertising

The regulator will oversee advertising, sports sponsorship, access for young people and a social fund for access to treatment. The Bill will contain changes to the licensing system in Ireland, as well dealing with the issue of gaming machines.

It also includes measures to regulate online sites, the regulation of casinos and the protection of children.

The Minister of State said that a large body of work has already been done, and that he will consult with stakeholders on the revised general scheme of the Bill.

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