Work Continues on development of Fellowship House Extended Treatment Centre


Fellowship House Development

In March 2017, Tabor Group turned the sod on its €4.8 million development of Fellowship House Extended Treatment Addiction Centre for men. Work is progressing very well on site, with the main block now enclosed and first fix mechanical and electrical in progress. Work to Block B is almost at roof level and this block should be roofed and external windows in position within the next few weeks. Site services are in progress and connections to public sewer is nearing completion. The good weather over the summer months was very beneficial to the contractor and the overall development is taking shape and on programme.

This new facility will increase capacity from 10 residents to 16 residents completing a 3-month treatment programme. The facility will also include an additional 15 units of accommodation for men who have completed the programme but require a step-down model of independent living with access to ongoing support and care.

Tabor Group has played an important role in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with addictions for almost 30 years and are growing and adapting their services to meet the increased demands of those seeking help with addiction. This new project addresses both the growing addiction issue as well as the increasing homelessness issue here in Cork. When complete, Fellowship House will be one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the country.

Fellowship House

Fellowship House Development

Tabor Group

Tabor Group is a leading provider of residential addiction treatment services in Ireland. We provide support and care to hundreds of clients each year suffering from addictions to alcohol, substances, gambling and food.

Tabor Group offers hope, healing and recovery to addicted people and their families through integrated and caring services. For more information on Tabor Group’s services Click Here

Tabor Group is comprised of three residential addiction treatment centres in Cork: Tabor Lodge, Renewal and Fellowship House.

Tabor Lodge first opened in 1989 and began providing treatment for people suffering with alcohol misuse.

Since then, the services have grown to three centres providing support and care to people suffering with addictions to alcohol, substances, gambling and food.

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