From prison to family life – Cormac’s story


I have a drink and drug problem. I started at 12 years old with LSD and magic mushrooms; E tabs at 14, coke at 17. At 16 years old, I drank every night.

I came from a dysfunctional home as both parents were alcoholics. I loved sport; it took me away from the madness that went on at home but very soon, I gave it all up for drink and drugs.

I was thrown out of school and ended up at a training centre in the city with all the troubled guys and started to get into petty crime to feed my habit. I started getting picked up by the Gardai and arrested for the night. For the next 10 years, I was in and out of jail and my addiction just got worse and worse.

I would come out of jail for a few weeks and months and then go back in, picking up odd jobs and not lasting too long as I became very weak and sick. I was in trouble for stealing and fraud – anything I could do to feed my habit.

I went to treatment for years; nuns, priests and doctors were ringing on behalf of me but I was never ready.

Even after coming out of prison, after two years inside, I knew the addiction was the problem. I’d come out the prison gate, swearing to myself that ‘I am not going to use’ but after a few hours, I’d be drinking. I couldn’t deal with reality; the shame and remorse of who I was and how I had turned out.

After three days of drinking and drugging, I would often lose weight in a very short space of time. In less than one week after my release, I was ready to go back to jail again. I asked for help in prison; never got it – but I did go to AA meetings inside.

I was released in 2002 and I went to Tabor Lodge and did the primary care treatment programme. I really wanted recovery from the first day I set foot inside the door. At the end, I was in a very dark place and I knew there had to be something better than this hell on earth.

I got on very well in Tabor Lodge, I gave the programme my best shot. I met wonderful people who felt just like me and I loved being around positive people. I used to nearly cry when people would say ‘Good Morning’ to me, I just couldn’t talk.

I finished my 28 days with the help of God, my peers and the staff. I cried when I got my key ring, just like a baby. I knew, from that day on, that this way of life was special.

I left Tabor and went to the Sisters in Blarney as I couldn’t go home; with my father and brothers drinking and fighting, I knew I wouldn’t last one hour. Since I came into recovery, one brother died by suicide, my father passed away and another brother is in a nursing home, in his early 40s, from addiction. So, I am blessed.

I left the Sisters, who where more than good to me. I was waiting to go to Tabor Fellowship House as I had heard about while in Tabor Lodge and I knew it was for me; I had made up my mind, I really wanted to go there.

I arrived on a Sunday evening, settled in right away and felt safe right away. I had a fear of meeting new people but getting back to the house on Spur Hill and its beautiful grounds, I was really at peace with myself.

The staff were so interested in me there and they just could not do enough for me. I loved the groups every day, I learned so much about myself, I just loved being in Tabor Fellowship House every minute of every day. I never even went home on my weekends off as I didn’t want to disturb the way I felt.

Even after leaving Tabor Fellowship House, every time I came up that drive on Spur Hill, I knew I was coming home. I really felt that I belonged to something very special there.

After a month of leaving, we set up an aftercare meeting, which today is called a ‘Gratitude Meeting’ and is very well attended today.

I have travelled to places I dreamt about in prison. I got married, have three beautiful children and live in the country.

“I owe my life to Tabor Fellowship House for what it has done for me and my family”.

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