How do I know if my loved one has a drinking problem?

Alcohol consumption has been a way of socialising for hundreds of years, but at the same time it has also caused heartache and misery for many people. The main problem is that people rarely see that they have a problem until it’s too late which makes the recovery process much more difficult.

If your loved one has one beer every night then this isn’t necessarily the signs of a drinking problem. Usually, the symptoms are much more severe and the first steps of finding out if your loved one has a drinking problem is watching out for these symptoms.

In this blog we will look at the some of the signs of alcoholism in a functioning alcoholic.

Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic

  1. They increasingly use alcohol as a tool to manage stress or as a reward after a hard day at work.
  2. They may lie about how much alcohol they consume.
  3. They use alcohol to boost their confidence on the job.
  4. They experience memory loss or blackouts.
  5. They are in denial about their drinking problem, deflecting jokes and becoming angry if they are confronted.
  6. They may begin to neglect their diet, choosing alcohol over a healthy meal.
  7. They are often told that they have a high tolerance for alcohol.
  8. They Isolate themselves where they can drink alone.
  9. They organise their life around drinking opportunities.
  10. They may engage in dangerous behaviour such as driving under the influence.

The Complexity of Quitting

Unfortunately, quitting is not as easy as putting down the bottle forever. There are many unforeseen problems that can strike an individual when they are battling a drinking problem.

Some individuals may go through a serious grieving process. This may seem strange, but for many it’s like giving up a long-term friendship. Unfortunately, this kind of agony can easily pair with depression and anxiety which can cause people to relapse and return to their old habits.

Other individuals may lose their social network of former drinking buddies and feel further alienated. As a result they may turn back to drinking in order to ‘fit in’ with the crowd again.

If You’re Worried, Contact Us Today

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