Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

In recovery, a lot of us take the opportunity to repair relationships with friends and loved ones that were damaged due to addiction. But a relationship we sometimes forget to work on during this rebuilding chapter of our life, is with ourselves. Alcohol and drugs are commonly used as a bandage to disguise our embarrassment and self-deprecating thoughts, but during recovery when we are no longer using these substances, we face these feelings head on.

This Valentine’s Day, why not practice self-love and focus on you. Below are five helpful tips to assist you this Valentine’s Day to love yourself more.


Forgiving yourself is a good first step to take. This doesn’t necessarily mean condoning what you did during active addiction, but rather acknowledging that you are not a bad person. Of course, mistakes were made, but it’s important to realise that you are only human, and mistakes are made by everyone. It’s learning from these mistakes is what is key. Don’t dwell on the past but rather look ahead to the future. This Valentine’s Day learn to forgive yourself and move forward with your life in recovery.


Most of us are our own worst critic when we make a mistake in life, no matter how big or small. We engage in negative self-talk and dwell on things that could have been done differently. However, if a friend or loved one made the exact same mistake, the chances are you would treat them completely differently. You would be compassionate and understanding as we are naturally prone to show others more kindness that ourselves. However, the next time you make a mistake and find yourself criticising yourself in your head, stop and think how you would react if it was a friend or loved one. Display the same amount of empathy for yourself as you would them. Give yourself a break and treat yourself with compassion and understanding.


The previous tip was ‘treat yourself as you would a loved one’, but our next tip is to just treat yourself. Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. Sure, we treat our partners for this occasion, but this year, buy yourself something you want as a little treat. It doesn’t have to be something expensive or extravagant, can be something very simple, but just make sure you celebrate you and your recovery this Valentine’s Day.


A long Winter has passed, and the arrival of Spring is an excellent reason to get out in nature and exercise. Valentine’s Day comes at a stunning time of year, with flowers beginning to blossom and beautiful early-Spring surroundings, why not get out and exercise either alone or with your partner. Just getting out in the fresh air is an excellent way to pass sometime this Valentine’s Day and practice some self-love. If it’s raining, wear a rain jacket, if it’s cold wrap up well, but just enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer.


When some people think of self-care, they think about taking a long bubble bath with your favourite bath bombs or going on a shopping spree. But, in reality, self-care is much more than this. Self-care helps improve our overall wellbeing and is an essential part of any recovery journey. It involves creating healthy boundaries with others, eating well, sleeping well, and taking time for ourselves. During recovery, self-care can be a path to finding self-love, positively affecting our mood, reducing the threat of cravings and importantly can lead to clear minded, healthy decision making.



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