Renewal Extended Treatment for Women – Mary’s Story

It is so daunting and fearful to be told you need to go for treatment, that I thought I would let you know what it is like to go Renewal for extended treatment.

I was 4 week in Tabor Lodge, and it was suggested to me by the team there that I should go to Renewal Extended Treatment for Women due to deeper issues I have that warranted more time. I did not like what they wanted for me as I felt four weeks was enough but I really am trying to do the suggested things.

I went for an assessment and phoned in four times weekly until they called me with an admission date. At this stage I was delighted to get the call, as I was finding life more difficult than I had anticipated.

Arriving at Renewal

I arrived at Renewal and was admitted. I was shown all over the premises and had to do a urine test. The long-time staff member knew exactly how nervous I was and was very reassuring. She introduced me to other staff members and to my group (my new peers). They too remembered well how difficult it was to walk in knowing it was twelve weeks and could not have made me more welcome. The house is very family oriented and there are only nine of us in residence at any time.

A new day dawns and I get up when called at 7.30am. I shower, dress, and perform T.D.A.’s which are little chores assigned to us weekly. We then make breakfast, go for a cigarette if needed and present for group at 9am. I was again assured by the counsellors (2 per group) that for the first week I was to settle in and get to know my peers and the staff. This was a great relief, I was also told that I would have the time needed before I divulged my more frightening or shameful secrets. This was true and when I was ready I found it much easier to be honest.

Following group, we then have a lecture, followed by 1-2-1’s with our key counsellor. This is where I began to trust and speak more openly. We then make our lunch, after lunch we are collected by bus to go to our N.C.E course which helps us financially to pay for our treatment. Here we learn new skills and to socialise in sober senses. We are collected and brought home to Renewal, where our dinner awaits us. We have to go out to four Fellowship meetings weekly, always with other peers and maybe go for coffee.

What I have Learned

I learned to pass pubs, drugs, and more and how to deal with this in a safe way and also how to keep away from those who may not be good for me.

I was so relieved to find that my counsellor also dealt with my Social Workers regarding my children who are in care. I don’t’ think I could have focused if things had not moved so well for me and my family.

I get to go home from Friday-Sunday evening every 3 weekends, where I learned how to cope with everyday life. It was so good to hear my family state the changes they saw in me. I now get on so well with them all, it’s a blessing.

I now understand why the team in Tabor Lodge thought it a good idea for me to come here. I get on so well now with my family and working so well with my social worker. I know now I am not a bad person, I have a disease and Renewal has helped me learn how to cope with this.

New Beginnings

I am due for discharge next week, and am scared but also excited to go. I have made so many new good, safe friends and they are my rock. I have After Care weekly, and a support group weekly. I have Renewal for life, they will always be there for me, and I believe them, I can never thank them and the Tabor group enough for giving me the greatest gift……My Life!


Renewal is the only residential treatment centre in Ireland providing extended care for women suffering from addictions to substances, gambling or food. The nurturing and homely environment at Renewal offers women who have completed Tier 4 primary treatment an additional 12 weeks of comprehensive treatment involving group therapy, lectures, one-to-one counselling as well as conferences with family and social workers. Staff at Renewal work closely with Family Services in the event that a client has dependent children and put emphasis on restoring and rebuilding familial relationships.

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