Signs you may have a drink addiction

Signs you may have a drink addiction

  • Drinking more frequently
  • Complaints from Family & Friends
  • Blackouts, Insomnia, Heart murmurs signs
  • Lost interest in things you used to love

Drinking has been an acceptable way to socialize for hundreds of years, but it’s also caused heartache and misery for millions of people during the same time. The problem is that people rarely understand that they have a problem until it is much too late. Then, recovery is a more difficult and exasperating process than it would have been earlier.

Drinking one beer every night isn’t necessarily signs of a drinking problem. Usually, the symptoms are much more severe, including multiple issues affecting you or loved one’s personal life, health, and even career progress. The first step in diagnosing a problem requires watching for symptoms of an alcohol abuse disorder.

The Complexities of Quitting

Unfortunately, quitting is not as easy as putting down the bottle forever. There are a lot of unforeseen problems that can strike a person when they are trying to get over a drinking problem.

For example, Psych Central states that people who give up drinking often go through a serious grieving process about it. This may seem strange, but for many it’s like giving up a long-time friend. Unfortunately, this kind of agony can easily pair with depression and anxiety, causing people to relapse and turn back to drinking.

Other people will lose their social network of former drinking buddies and feel alienated and isolated. As a result, they may turn back to drinking in order to “fit in” with the crowd again. Remember, we are tribal creatures who love fitting in with the people around us. This need causes us to behave in ways that may be unhealthy for us, such as continuing a negative drinking habit.

Even worse, serious health problems can often strike people when they quit drinking. For example, it may result in severe withdrawal symptoms that can be as serious as seizures. To avoid this kind of physical pain, many people turn back to drinking. Thankfully, it’s possible to quit without suffering from these problems.

Supporting Your Recovery

Beating the complexities of quitting serious drinking problem requires assessing each problem individually and finding solutions. For example, one can reach out to friends and family members who don’t drink and try to create a new social support network.

These people can help create a new environment to replace the one lost after drinking. They can also serve as cheerleaders that compel you or a loved one to stay sober and happy. Often, this requires avoiding people and places that have triggered alcohol use in the past.

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Problem drinking behaviors can cause a major impact on anybody’s life and if you’re worried that you or a loved one suffer from one, help may be needed to help recovery. While cold turkey may work for some people, suffering from withdrawal is a serious problem, one that can even threaten your life. Don’t do it alone: contact us at Tabor Group today on +353 (0)21 488 7110 or email us on info@taborgroup.ie

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