Tabor Group launches new 10-year strategic plan

Press Release: 9th December 2019

2020-2030 Strategic Plan

Tabor Group today published its 2020 – 2030 Strategic Plan. Setting out its strategic vision and ambitious goals to support the organisation and to enhance its services and better fulfil its mission to provide excellent addiction treatment services. Building on the achievements of the last 30-years, Tabor Group is committed to continuing to develop and grow the organisation, believing it has a unique role to play in treating and supporting those who lives are impacted by addiction.

Over the coming ten years, Tabor Group will continue to develop best practice in the sector. It is seeking to position Tabor Fellowship House as a national “Centre of Excellence” while exploring opportunities to develop a new Primary Treatment Centre. It will continue the development of its clinical services and approaches to ensure excellence, support clients’ sustainable recovery from addiction and meet emerging service needs. Tabor Group will maintain its fundamental approach which is to: acknowledge the dignity of every person; have compassion and understanding for all; honour each person’s rights fairly; and, provide services to the highest professional standards.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Niall O’Keeffe CEO of Tabor Group said, “In addition to these significant developments in infrastructure, facilities and services, the strategic plan is underpinned by a number of operational priorities to drive excellence across all aspects of Tabor Group and to increase the reach and benefits of our approach to addiction treatment.”

The overall development for the next ten years will occur in line with the organisations vision To be a centre of excellence for addiction treatment, research and advocacy” This vision is underpinned by 6 strategic goals, which form the basis for Tabor Group’s strategic vision:

  1. Ensure the long-term financial sustainability of Tabor Group
  2. Further develop our addiction treatment services to ensure clinical excellence, support sustainable recovery and meet services users’ needs.
  3. Deliver a research, education and advocacy to embed evidence-based practice and be a trusted national voice on addiction.
  4. Implement a HR Strategy which places the development and well-being of our staff at its core and ensures we have the most expert staff providing the highest quality services.
  5. Continue to develop our governance and management frameworks.
  6. Deliver a new treatment and research campus along with opportunities to collaborate and grow our services.

Lord Mayor of Cork City, Cllr. John Sheehan and Mayor of County Cork, Cllr. Christopher O’Sullivan were in attendance, at the unveiling of Tabor Group’s Strategic Plan 2020-2030. Speaking at the launch of their 2020 – 2030 strategic plan, CEO of Tabor Group, Dr Niall O’Keeffe: “we believe the next 10 years are going to be exciting for Tabor Group, it will not be without its challenges, we are confident that its implementation will improve the lives of many in years to come”. He continued by saying “A hugely important measure to mitigate the risks and challenges faced is to implement policies to control our cost base, whilst providing support for people suffering from addiction and to innovate and improve our services.”

The Strategic Plan prepared over the last 12 months is based on extensive internal and external consultations with clients, staff, board members and management as well as external stakeholders and funders and the outcomes from this process have shaped our strategic priorities between now and 2030.

The vision and objectives that the strategy espouses, and in particular the actions that give these goals expression in very concrete ways, moves Tabor Group towards the more progressive end of the spectrum in providing addiction treatment services to Cork and beyond.


About Tabor Group

Tabor Group is a leading addiction treatment service based in Cork. It was founded in 1989 and comprises three centres: Tabor Lodge, a primary residential rehabilitation treatment centre, Tabor Renewal, a residential treatment centre providing secondary treatment and care for women suffering from addiction and Tabor Fellowship House, a men’s secondary treatment centre.

Working in partnership with other health and social care services, Tabor Group provides support and care to hundreds of clients every year from throughout Ireland. In addition to addiction treatment and rehabilitation services for those who are dependent on alcohol and drugs, Tabor Group provides treatment, care and rehabilitation for those who are addicted to gambling and food. In recognition of the need to ensure families are supported as part of an individual’s treatment, families are also provided with care and rehabilitation services as a critical part of a person’s recovery.