Tabor Group published its Annual Report for 2020

Tabor Group published its 2020 Annual Report last week. The report highlights the charities financial and non-financial performance for the year and gives an update on strategy and innovation in 2020.

The report reflects an unprecedented year for Tabor Group. Notwithstanding the challenges and impacts presented by a global pandemic, Tabor Group continued to deliver critical services to those in the grips of addiction.

Amid a global pandemic, with a focus on keeping people safe and continuing to deliver top quality services to clients, Tabor Group showed great resilience. “Our people’s remarkable efforts to continue serving our clients and carry out their work enabled us to do more than just weather the storm in 2020.” Said Dr Niall O’Keeffe, CEO Tabor Group. “As soon as the Covid-19 outbreak held the threat to impact our services, we set ourselves the priority of keeping our people safe and healthy. Since the beginning, we have remained by our clients’ sides, adapting how we deliver services to clients, and their families.”

2020 was a challenging for everyone and no less so for Tabor Group. But in that time Tabor Group, working with its stakeholders continued to evolve and develop its services to meet the changing needs of its clients and achieving a financial turn-around.

Commenting on today’s publications Tabor Group Chair, Denis Healy, said ‘The pandemic presented and continues to present significant challenges for the organisation. As an organisation, the resilience, agility, and innovation of our people enabled us to meet the challenges that unfolded during 2020. We continued to deliver addiction treatment services. Strong financial progress was made with the support of Pobal and the HSE for which we are very grateful for.’

A new treatment manual was developed outlining the service delivery of each of programmes. New structures and policies were embedded within the organisation in relation to knowledge management, quality assurance and strategic planning.

‘The year 2020 was characterised by unprecedented turbulence. Yet despite the circumstances of the pandemic, we resolutely executed our strategy further and achieved truly superb business results. The care and commitment our colleagues have shown to our clients, and their colleagues has been inspiring to see. Tabor Group has faced this crisis in the same way we have met challenges throughout our history. Each member of Tabor Group has pulled together and responded with agility and pace to show our clients that they can trust us to be there for them and their families in the ways that matter most.’ 


  • The 2020 Financial outcome has been positive with a €414,000 positive movement in accounts compared to the previous year.
  • Financial support was provided to the organisation from the government agencies, Pobal and the HSE.
  • Tabor Group was one of the first residential addiction treatment services to be able to fully re-open in June 2020 with the support of Mercy University Hospital.
  • Tabor Group adapted it services with facilitate online meeting, while all the time conforming to best governance practices, delivering positive outcomes for clients.
  • Tabor Group services remained open, and clients remained in residence throughout the first lockdown. There were no new admissions received from April through the beginning of June. Our Family Support Programme and Continuing Care service transferred to remote delivery.
  • The transfer of Admissions Department from Tabor Lodge to Tabor Fellowship has facilitated easier access to those wishing to avail of our services.
  • Clients can now attend our weekly Continuing Care services from all over Ireland, Family members can join our Family Support groups from all over the world and clients can also avail of individual counselling remotely.
  • The production of the Tabor Group Treatment Manual, documenting the delivery of treatment in Tabor Group.


  • 225 people accessed treatment for addiction services at Tabor Group in 2020.
  • 62% of clients who attended treatment at Tabor Lodge in 2020 cited Alcohol as their specific drug of choice, while 89% of Tabor Fellowship clients cited Alcohol as a drug of choice.
  • Cocaine remains high on the list of drug of choice with 26% of Tabor Lodge clients citing it as their specific drug of choice (up 7% from 2019) and 54% of clients in Tabor Fellowship citing cocaine as a drug of choice
  • 57% of clients at Tabor Fellowship cited Cannabis as a drug of choice.
  • In 2020, the number of clients citing Gambling as their main reason for referral increased to 5%, versus 2% in 2019.

Read Tabor Group’s 2020 Annual Report here.