Time for a change?

Change is always good, don’t be afraid of change.

You’ve started 2018 full of determination and positivity – of course you have.

“This is absolutely the year I stop destroying myself and change my ways.” Sound familiar?

That’s understandable – it does feel like a starting point after all. The new year gives us the notion that after one night, one will stop drinking, gambling or using drugs.

But habits do not simply go away after one night; they are built up over time and it takes real time to change them. Simply stating “I will do X, Y or Z after the new year” isn’t enough – it still takes time and effort to accomplish that goal.

Changing bad habits into great life actions

Most professionals say that it takes 21-28 days to change a habit. While situational, changing a habit can take more or less time based on the individual.

For example, some will set a schedule for smoking cigarettes: Monday and Tuesday will be their smoking days but on Wednesday, that cigarette becomes even more appealing than it did on the allowed smoke days.

Building a habit is building a tolerance to bad habits and finding joy in good habits.

In general, runners do not form their habit overnight. They get up almost every day, they obtain the ‘runner’s high’ and the benefits show when the healthy habit is a part of one’s life.

Vice versa, a bad habit involves building a tolerance, such as turning down a slice of cake at the end of the day, not placing that bet, or not having any alcohol on a night out.

The craving lurks and tempts one, but over time the thought of filling that habit becomes unnoticeable and one starts to notice how their life has changed after staying alcohol or drug-free for a while.

Regardless, habits are innate for people to form. Good habits can change people’s lives. People create habits through their routines and finding one that suits your lifestyle is vital.

The year of 2018 could be the perfect time to change and it’s never too late to start.

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