FAQ & Fees

Is there a detox unit at Tabor Renewal?

Detoxification is not provided at the centre and potential clients need to be free of alcohol and drugs prior to admission. We will work in conjunction with a GP, community detox facility or continuing care manager should the client relapse in between primary care treatment and admission into Tabor Renewal.

Can my family visit me while I’m a resident at Tabor Renewal?

Staff work closely with Social Services where clients have children or dependents. Family can and are encouraged to visit at certain times throughout treatment.

Why choose Tabor Renewal?

Tabor Renewal is the only Minnesota model extended treatment centre in the country and covers a range of diseases/disorders. With the additional 12 weeks of treatment, we can see where behaviour changes need the most work.

We work hand in hand with social services where children and families are concerned and our aim is to help families reunite where possible. Each client gets full attention from her key counsellor, as each counsellor carries 4 clients only. We also help with home cooking, self care, and plan to expand our life skills supports further. We believe in a holistic approach, we do not just treat the addiction, but we look at the whole person in a non judgemental way and look to empower and nurture them to be the best they can be. We challenge the addiction, but care for and respect the client trapped within that addiction. We believe each person has the abilities to make good/bad choices and we endeavour to create an environment to help clients make the best lifestyle choices for themselves.

Will my health insurance cover the costs?

No, health insurance does not cover the costs. External sources and agencies may provide financial assistance and clients are welcome to explore these opportunities if suitable.

What is the cost?

Tabor Group is a charitable organisation established to help those struggling with addiction and whatever your financial circumstances, we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Tabor Group receives funding from government sources as a contribution towards the services it provides.  Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be eligible to have some of the costs of your treatment offset by this funding.  This will be discussed with you at assessment.

How do I get help?

Women over the age of 18 who have been treated at a Tier 4 residential treatment facility can avail of additional 12 week treatment programme at Tabor Renewal. Referrals can be made directly by the person concerned, or from Tabor Lodge or other primary treatment centres.

Contact us to arrange an assessment with a professional addiction counsellor in strict confidence. We would always advise that you be accompanied by a family member or friend to this appointment both for support and as a valuable source of information.

Potential clients need to be free of alcohol and drugs for 72 hours prior to admission into Tabor Renewal.