Support & Services

Continuing Care Programme

The Continuing Care Programme is an integral part of the care delivered by Tabor Lodge to the client following completion of their 28-day residential treatment. The programme provides treatment and support while the client learns to cope with the demands of day-to-day living. It involves participation in a weekly group meeting and commitment to an individualised care plan over 12 months, with an option to continue this for a second year of support. When in early recovery, clients will face many struggles that can hinder their progress therefore reviewing the care plan with the Continuing Care Coordinator is vital to assist and steer the client towards the recovery process. Tabor Lodge offers Continuing Care at various venues in the city and county. Our extensive network of continuing care groups, including relapse support programmes and a women’s programme, are designed to give effective reinforcements for clients to be able to maintain their recovery.

When clients leave our facility, our Continuing Care programme links the client with beneficial services or resources while also allowing them to keep ties with the Tabor Group staff. This connection between the client and the Tabor Group throughout their journey gives them reassurance in their recovery and self-confidence for living an enriching and sober life.

Family Support Programme

It has been our experience at Tabor Lodge for many years, that when a family is affected by addiction, then the whole family can benefit from support. The types of supports that have been shown to help are education, one-to-one support and peer support groups, all of which are provided through the Tabor Lodge Family Support Programme.

In 2018 a total of 454 family members attended Family Day, giving them the opportunity to be directly involved in their relative’s treatment while also receiving the appropriate education and support for themselves. By learning about addiction and how families tend to be affected, participants at Family Day are empowered to make more informed choices in their lives, as they learn how to respond more effectively to addiction and early recovery.

Just as we encourage those in treatment to make positive changes to improve the quality of their lives, our hope is that their families will also embrace this idea of positive change for themselves.

Many families decide to continue to access support for themselves after their relative has completed their treatment and in 2018 a total of 116 people attended our 12-Week Family Support Programme which is available in Tabor Lodge and also in Ennismore Retreat Centre in the city

Tabor Lodge also provides support to those families whose relative is still active in their addiction. This is provided by means of telephone support, provision of information and intervention support through one-to-one counselling.