Clinical Staff - Tabor Fellowship

Clinical Staff

Tabor Fellowship has clinical staff on duty 24 hours per day and has counsellors, catering staff, night/weekend staff, support workers and an administrator.

Mick Devine – Clinical Director

From a teaching background, Mick began his career at Tabor Lodge in 1997 as an Addiction Counsellor. He has an advanced Diploma in Counselling from Manchester University and also has a Certificate in Family Systems from the Bert Hellinger Institute of Ireland. He was appointed to the role of Administrator in 2000. He became Clinical Director at Tabor Lodge in 2011. Mick’s role entails overseeing all aspects of treatment delivery and development at Tabor Lodge. He is a fully accredited member of Addiction Counselling Ireland (ACI).

Katie Coughlan – Admissions Manager

Katie has worked at Tabor Lodge since 1992 in the capacity of Addiction Counsellor. She worked as a Case Manager for many years as part of the treatment team with direct patient contact. Katie was appointed to the role of Treatment Programme Manager in 2006. Most recently, her primary role has been Admissions Manager with responsibility for completing pre-admission assessments and co-ordinating admissions along with general patient care and management. She is a fully accredited member of Addiction Counselling Ireland (ACI).

Con Cremin – Senior Counsellor

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