Mission & Values

The Mission Statement at Tabor Fellowship offers: hope, healing and recovery to addicted men and their families through an integrated and caring service.

At Tabor Fellowship, clients follow the Hazelden treatment model and will continue a healthy sobriety by:

  • Improving their self-esteem and establishing a new model of living
  • Developing new recreational skills and a sober support system
  • Recognising relapse warning signals and how to handle them
  • Restoring and rebuilding family relationships

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We offer hope, healing, and recovery to those affected by addiction through our compassionate treatment, family and support services.


To be a centre of excellence for addiction treatment, research and advocacy.


At Tabor Group, we believe that addiction is a chronic progressive primary disease that cannot be cured; but those that suffer can be helped by abstinence and lifestyle changes.

We also believe that people who suffer from addiction are entitled to dignity and respect and that each person has, within himself or herself, the resources for recovery.

There is a spiritual dimension to our programme and clients are introduced to various 12-Step programmes.


  • RESPECT – Acknowledging the dignity of every person – regardless of his/her circumstances.
  • COMPASSION – Having some understanding of what a person is going through and responding appropriately.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE – Honouring each person’s rights in a fair and equal manner.
  • TEAM – Fostering a team approach in the interests of our common purpose.
  • EXCELLENCE – Doing everything to the highest professional standards.