The Tabor Group is a registered charity. It is a well respected organisation staffed by a General Manager and 53 full or part time employees across the 3 facilities.

Mick Devine – Clinical Director

From a teaching background, Mick began his career at Tabor Lodge in 1997 as an Addiction Counsellor. He has an advanced Diploma in Counselling from Manchester University and also has a Certificate in Family Systems from the Bert Hellinger Institute of Ireland. He was appointed to the role of Administrator in 2000. He became Clinical Director at Tabor Lodge in 2011. Mick’s role entails overseeing all aspects of treatment delivery and development at Tabor Lodge. He is a fully accredited member of Addiction Counselling Ireland (ACI).

Eileen Crosbie – Treatment Manager

Eileen comes from a Theatre background. She was accepted into Hazelden in 2000 to train as an addiction counsellor. Eileen graduated in counselling and addiction studies in 2001, and immediately joined the counselling team at Renewal. In 2006 Eileen was appointed Treatment Manager at Renewal. She went on to study food disorders with NCFED, qualifying in 2009, and is a CBT Therapist. Eileen’s role in Renewal is to oversee all aspects of treatment. Eileen is a fully accredited member of Addiction Counselling Ireland (ACI) and NCFED.

Miriam Rigney – Quality and Risk Manager

Coming from a background of emergency nursing with the HSE, Miriam joined the Tabor Group in November 2012 in the role of Accreditation Project Manager and one year later became the Quality and Risk Manager. Miriam works across the three centres and is responsible for policy development, risk management and quality initiatives. A key part of the role involves preparation of the organisation for the accreditation process. Miriam has a degree in Science, Postgraduate diploma in Computer Science, is a Registered General Nurse and has a Higher Diploma in Critical Care Nursing. She also teaches yoga in her spare time.