Former Senator takes the reins at Tabor Group

Colette Kelleher, Tabor Group CEO

Tabor Group today announced that former Senator Colette Kelleher, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the group. Tabor Group is composed of two residential addiction treatment centres in Cork offering support to those struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling. It also provides one-to-one community-based addiction treatment and support services to families struggling with addiction.

Colette brings a wealth of relevant experience in addiction treatment services, a deep understanding of Tabor Group’s work, and focused, dynamic leadership, all vital qualities as the Group continues to execute its strategy.

Colette Kelleher served as an independent Senator appointed by An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny between 2016 and 2020. While in this position she was very active in analysing, developing policy, and achieving consensus for legislative change across a range of issues, including drug reform. Colette also actively supported the passing into law of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018.

During Colette’s career to date, she has been Chair of the Cork Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Chief Executive of the Cope Foundation for almost five years, as well as Director of Cork Simon Community – a position she held for eight years.

Speaking on the appointment, Tabor Group Chairman Hugh Tully said: “Having worked on a thorough and extensive search process, the Board is delighted to appoint Ms. Kelleher as CEO of Tabor Group. We believe Ms. Kelleher has the knowledge, experience, reputation, and leadership skills to successfully guide us over the coming years and are confident that she will continue to build on the progress made by Tabor Group in recent years. Together with the rest of the Board, I look forward to working alongside her in her new role.”

When asked about taking on her new role as Tabor Group CEO, Colette commented: “Throughout my career I have been guided by social justice and supporting people who have been marginalised or are in trouble. I am privileged to join Tabor Group, uniquely placed to make a difference to people battling with addiction, as well as support their families and loved ones. I am already enjoying working with the amazing people at Tabor Group – clients, board, staff, and volunteers have all been so welcoming and inspiring.”

Commenting on the future of Tabor Group, Ms. Kelleher said “I am looking forward to guiding the organisation to realise the actions set out in its ambitious 10-year strategic plan 2020-2029. Colette went on to add: “I aim to lead Tabor Group to further develop a full range of supports and programmes, supporting people and their families from addiction to recovery, and to build a sustainable future for the organisation”.