About Us


Tabor Renewal is the only residential treatment centre in Ireland providing extended care for women suffering from addictions to substances, gambling or food. The nurturing and homely environment at Tabor Renewal offers women who have completed Tier 4 primary treatment an additional 12 weeks of comprehensive treatment involving group therapy, lectures, one-to-one counselling as well as conferences with family and social workers. Staff at Tabor Renewal work closely with Family Services in the event that a client has dependent children and put emphasis on restoring and rebuilding familial relationships.


Tabor Renewal is located in a welcoming and warm home in Shanakiel in Cork City suburbs.


Referrals for Tabor Renewal can come from any residential addiction treatment centres like Tabor Lodge, or from families, GPs and self, provided the person has completed a primary treatment programme.

While most of the costs are covered through government funding, there is a charge for the treatment and therefore appropriate funding is also required from the client.

For more information please contact us at 021 4300 844.


Tabor Group is a charitable organisation established to help those struggling with addiction and whatever your financial circumstances, we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Tabor Group receives funding from government sources as a contribution towards the services it provides.  Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be eligible to have some of the costs of your treatment offset by this funding.  This will be discussed with you at assessment and we will work with you to agree a manageable payment plan under those circumstances.