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Renewal Extended Treatment for Women – Mary’s Story

It is so daunting and fearful to be told you need to go for treatment, that I thought I...

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The Joys of Successful Recovery

Successful Recovery It’s so important to emphasize the successful joys that addicted people achieve in managing addiction. The whole field...

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Rehab is an opportunity to take time out

Rehab Maybe you are unfamiliar with rehab or maybe you only know a little bit about rehab, the fact...

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Twelve step fellowship Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Twelve Steps Fellowship Alcoholics Anonymous The first twelve step fellowship Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), was founded in 1935 by Bill...

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Signs you may have a drink addiction

Signs you may have a drink addiction Drinking more frequently Complaints from Family & Friends Blackouts, Insomnia, Heart murmurs...

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Cork Drug & Alcohol Awareness Month

Awareness Month, Cork Drug & Alcohol The CORK DRUG & ALCOHOL AWARENESS MONTH will once again be taking place...

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