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How to Stay Sober over Christmas

How to stay sober over Christmas. There are things that people in recovery can do to ensure that they...

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Help with managing parties at Christmas

Help with managing Parties at Christmas If people are newly sober it is best if they avoid getting into a situation...

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Sober Christmas – Introduction

Sober Christmas is an introduction to a two-part blog on steps to “Staying sober over Christmas” and “Managing Parties...

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John’s Story – A Journey out of Addiction

John’s Story John’s Story: Growing up, my main addiction issues were primarily drugs, particularly uppers such as cocaine, speed,...

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Failure: The best way to manage it

Failure: The best way to manage it. Music Legend Johnny Cash once said “You build on failure. You use...

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Ireland Alcohol Bill – Show your support

Ireland Alcohol Bill, show you support!!!! Sir, – Over 10 years ago, the alcohol industry in Ireland lobbied strongly...

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