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The War on drugs is lost… so what do we do now?

War on Drug is lost, so what do we do now? Government research shows decriminalisation and taxation of our...

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Rehab is an opportunity to take time out

Rehab Maybe you are unfamiliar with rehab or maybe you only know a little bit about rehab, the fact...

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Cocaine most frequently used drug after Cannabis

Cocaine When people think of drug addictions, they think of the big ones: heroin, meth, and cocaine. Depending on...

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Signs you may have a drink addiction

Signs you may have a drink addiction Drinking more frequently Complaints from Family & Friends Blackouts, Insomnia, Heart murmurs...

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New Research finds alarming results

Research reveals more than a quarter of Irish teenagers started drinking at 13 or younger A study of tens...

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Rising Number hospitalised for taking anabolic steroid

Anabolic steroids taking see increasing number of people being hospitalised. The country’s medicine watchdog, the Health Products Regulatory Authority...

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