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Gambling on sport, what are the odds?

Gambling on sport, what are the odds? The drive to gambling on sports is almost as strong as the...

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Enough excuses, get the help you need – now!

Excuses, excuses It’s been a great summer of fantastic weather, the kids are off school and we’ve been engrossed...

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Mayor of Cork County launches Tabor Group Annual Report 2017

Alcohol remains the drug of choice – but cocaine and heroin use on the rise Seven in ten people...

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Gambling addiction – the irresistible lure of Cheltenham

Car windows smashed in temper, wild-eyed men on the edge of a big pay-out pacing the floor, and paranoid...

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Gambling industry regulator on the way

The gambling industry is to get an independent regulator under a proposed new law. Minister of State for Equality,...

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Is there a role for counselling in the treatment of addiction? – Part 2

In part one of this series of blogs, Mick Devine Clinical Director Tabor Group discusses the role for counselling in...

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