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How to Stay Sober over Christmas

How to stay sober over Christmas. There are things that people in recovery can do to ensure that they...

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John’s Story – A Journey out of Addiction

John’s Story John’s Story: Growing up, my main addiction issues were primarily drugs, particularly uppers such as cocaine, speed,...

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Failure: The best way to manage it

Failure: The best way to manage it. Music Legend Johnny Cash once said “You build on failure. You use...

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Cork Chamber, Annual Golf Classic Raises Funds for Tabor Group

  Cork Chamber Golf Classic Cork Chamber ( held their annual golf classic on September 8th 2016 in Lee...

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The War on drugs is lost… so what do we do now?

War on Drug is lost, so what do we do now? Government research shows decriminalisation and taxation of our...

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Rehab is an opportunity to take time out

Rehab Maybe you are unfamiliar with rehab or maybe you only know a little bit about rehab, the fact...

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