It’s time to stop letting your drug addiction control your life

While it’s understood that drug addiction is a disease, it doesn’t completely excuse inflicted individuals from all responsibility for their behaviour. If you’re suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol, you have an absolute responsibility to do everything in your power to combat the disease.

Why You Need to Stop

The reasons why you need to stop abusing drugs are endless. Depending on whom you talk to, logical reasons are your health, your career, and your family. Drug addiction will impact each of these three aspects of your life. Drug addiction can shift your priorities from work and family to drugs. This revised priority will result in poor work performance and alienated relationships.

There are more than three reasons for you to stop abusing drugs, but these three reasons are paramount. When addicts describe their biggest pain points and the aspects of their lives that have been most affected by their addiction, health, profession, and family dominate the conversation.

Why Overcoming Drug Addiction is Hard

Ending your addiction is hard. Part of the reason is your chemical dependence. Often you know that abusing drugs is wrong, but you can’t stop. That’s because you are physically hooked. Along with physical addiction are numerous psychological reasons one might be addicted to drugs.

One Thing Is Certain When Overcoming Drug Addiction

If you are looking for help overcoming your drug addiction, feel free to use Tabor Group as a resource. Our team are available 24 hours a day to chat. We can help talk you through your situation and identify the best solution for you.

Developing a “Can Do” Attitude Related to Beating a Drug Addiction

While in the throes of a drug addiction, you might get a sense of helplessness, which causes you to feel defeated with no way out. That’s your disease telling you that it wants to stick around just long enough to destroy your life.

Based on the figures in the Health Research Board’s  World Health Organisation , more than 150,000 Irish people are dependent drinkers, more than a 1.35 million are harmful drinkers, and 30% of people interviewed say that they experienced some form of harm as a result of their own drinking.  The report also reveals that 75% of alcohol consumed in Ireland is done so as part of binge drinking and we underestimate what we drink by about 60%.

The key to adopting a “can do” attitude is finding a reason to fight. Whether it be work, a hobby, or the overall welfare of family members, you need to find something that drives you to want to survive. When you find your focus, hold onto it as you reach out for the help you need and deserve.

Getting Treatment for Your Drug Addiction

No matter how many methods you might hear about related to tackling addiction, the only method that has an established track record of success is treatment with a professional drug and alcohol rehab centre.

Your responsibility as a patient will be to approach treatment as though it’s your last chance for survival, a notion based in reality. With the proper focus and attention to the treatment methods being used, you have a very realistic chance of beating your disease, just like millions before you have done. With drug rehab, it’s all about commitment.

Get Help at Tabor Group

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With the right support, you’ll never have to make another uneducated life and death decision for your addicted loved one again.