Stay safe in recovery this Christmas

Recovery At Christmas

Just one week to Christmas and for many, the excitement is building. Yet, for those with Addiction, as well as those in recovery, the festive season can be a difficult time. Remaining sober can be especially challenging during Christmas. Family get-togethers, parties and other social occasions can be hard for someone who is in early recovery, or for anyone trying to abstain from using substances. Below is do’s and don’ts for the festive season.


  • Ensure that you have telephone numbers for people who can support you
  • Try to get to as many meetings as possible
  • Use the Fellowship, meetings and your sponsor
  • Avoid ‘wet’ places and parties
  • Take control of the situation – invite people to you
  • Be good to yourself. Allow yourself some treats
  • Keep in touch with safe friends/family/support
  • Keep balance and variety in your activities: TV, exercise, relaxation, walks in the fresh air
  • Plan ahead by making a relapse/prevention plan
  • Take the risk and join in the fun
  • Give yourself a get-out clause for potentially difficult situations such as family parties – speak to someone “Safe” before you go to such a gathering and when you return from it
  • Be clear and unapologetic with statements you make such as “I am not drinking alcohol, thanks, but I’d love lemonade, or “I won’t have that to eat I’m just after eating, but thanks anyway” or “I’m not gambling at the moment.”


  • Don’t hide away and isolate
  • Don’t stagnate in front of the TV
  • Don’t project
  • Don’t become complacent or procrastinate
  • Don’t go somewhere without a ‘get-out clause’, make it easy to leave a difficult situation


  • To have realistic expectations of this period
  • To have fun – recovery is to be enjoyed
  • Concentrate on what you have gained by not drinking, using, gambling or being active in your eating disorder
  • To have company when possible – and maybe even a recovery party
  • Buy yourself a Christmas gift
  • The spiritual base of Christmas
  • Gratitude for being clean and sober and abstinent from gambling
  • Gratitude for the strength to maintain my food plan
  • Mid-January can be a potential relapse time in the lull following the festivities

Useful Links: – Fellowship Meetings

Useful Links: – Family & Friends

Finally, remember that Christmas Day is just another 24-hour period. Stay in the moment and live one day at a time. Never mind about what happened or what could happen. Enjoy today. Live today. Celebrate your sobriety. From all of us at Tabor Group, we wish you a safe and sober festive season filled with joy and happiness. For more helpful blogs – Click Here 

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